Proxy Bidding on GPAUCTIONS.CA

Proxy Bidding can save you time and help you ensure you get the items you want. With Proxy Bidding you don't have to constantly monitor your auctions and worry about being outbid!

Proxy Bidding is an automated 'agent' that you authorize to act in your place. This 'agent' will bid as little as it is necessary (minimum bid increments) to outbid other bidders and maintain your position as high bidder, up to the Maximum bid you have entered in the Bid box.

This is how it works:

  1. In the Bid box of a specific auction, enter the HIGHEST Bid you're willing to pay for the item - (your Maximum).
  2. will now place a bid at the current LOWEST minimum bid.
  3. If another bidder outbids your LOWEST minimum bid, the Proxy Bidding agent will automatically place another bid on your behalf, at the minimum bid increment necessary, to ensure you're the winning bidder.
  4. The Proxy Bidding agent will continue to make the LOWEST minimum bids on your behalf up to the maximum amount of your bid until you are the winner, or another bidder makes a bid higher than your Maximum Bid amount.
  5. If your Maximum Bid amount is outbid, you will be notified via email. At this time, you will be able to enter a minimum increment bid, or a new Maximum Bid amount, by following the same initial steps described above.
  6. If another user bids the same amount as your Maximum Bid amount. Your (Proxy) Bid is the leading bid because it was placed first. Conversely, if you enter a maximum bid that is EQUAL to the maximum bid previously entered by another bidder, they will be listed as the leading bidder at this amount due to having placed their bid first.
  7. Think carefully before entering your Maximum Bid amount. Once you enter your Maximum Bid amount, you cannot retract it. However, typos happen and if you do make a mistake that slips past the cancel/confirm step with your bid contact us immediately at and we’ll set things right!